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BoulderNews: A Service of the Daily Camera
OT2WWW Search
S l o a n s A u c t i o n s : Washington, DC : ANTIQUITIES
Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
AzRA Historical Resources - AzRAHist - Welcome Screen, The Place for Serious Collectors of antique firearms, guns, swords, civil war, old west collectables
Antiquities, Fossils, Meteorites, Old News Papers, Incunabula, Coins, Old Books, Manuscripts, Book Leaves
TSLAC Map Archive - Menu
Art Connections
JWedeward's Home Page

Books International
Welcome to Harmic's Antiques
Boxlot Online Auction - Antiques: Over 100 years (Page 1 of 1)
Yahoo! Auctions
About Houston Public Library


Bidmaster 2000 Lite Login
BidMaster Snipeware
eBay Bidder List: vinblake- CURRENT BIDS
eBay Listings: WW II
eBay Bidder List: museums
eBay Bidder List: vinblake- ALL BIDS

Bid Sites

GSC Contracting/Bid Opportunities
Museum Requests for Proposal
Texas Bids Search
Commerce Business Daily
Procurement Sites
North Carolina IPS Solicitations

Museum links

Southwest Museum Services: Welcome
Women of the West Museum
Museum Tools
Museum Employment Resource Center
Preservation Links
Welcome To The Museum Professional
Texian Heritage Society Sutlers Listings
Texas Association of Museums - Your Guide to Texas Museums
State Resource Links
Red-Neck Tex's Texas History Resources
Texas Association of Museums - Your Guide to Texas Museums
Virginia Association of Museums
American Association of Museums (AAM)

Computer sources and Web Development

Acadia's PowerPoint Video Archive
Acadia's PowerPoint Resource Center
Welcome to Surplus Direct - The Premier Source for Affordable Previous-Version Hardware, Software and Accessories.
Briar's Wav Closet!
Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine
PC Magazine: First Looks Online -- Canvas 6 (12/28/98)
PC Magazine: Professional Graphics - Editors' Choice
ZDNet Software Library - Canvas Professional Edition
Warez the 3D Graphics Lair?
Welcome to Surplus Auction - The Premier Auction Site for Hardware, Software, Accessories and Consumer Products.
Tripod's Homepage Builder: Housekeeper
PC Magazine Online
The Free Site is the best place to find free stuff, freebies, samples, freeware, counters, free Web pages, screen savers, graphics, free Email, guestbooks, etc.
NIC.CC policies
The Free Site (free net stuff)
Java Applet Rollover Button without onMouseOver JavaScript
Welcome to Advanced HTML Constructor- The best free html programming guide on the web.
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents
Idocs Guide to HTML: Should You Use Frames?
The JavaScript Source - "Cut & Paste" JavaScript Library

CAD reousrces

AutoCAD Resource Guide
CADsyst - Shareware for AutoCAD - Top Ten Downloads
Robert McNeel & Associates - Autodesk Products
Gary Stone's Home Page of Autocad 3D Models
FREE AutoCAD Answers, courtesy of Joe Biddy
Welcome to CADsyst- Shareware for AutoCAD

Civil War Reenactors Discussion Forum
National Park Service Construction Architect Engineering A/E Contracting
MetaCrawler Query: marston matting
Weinand Militaria

Reproduction, Artifact, Diorama, and Exhibits resources

WW II Resources

Manion's Intl Auct Jpn Q Cat. T.O.C.
French's Military Surplus
Steel Pots, The History of America's Steel Combat Helmets
Avirex Flight Jackets from
Cooper A-2 and G-1 Leather Flight Jackets from
flight leather jacket,A-2,G-1, G-8,WWII Army-Navy Spec, Made in US, Patches,TOPGUN, Flying Tigers, Toskegee, NoseArt,P coat, Many More, Best quality.
flight leather jacket Authentic A-2 Jacket
Nose Art, NoseArt, Insignia, Patches, For Authentic Flight Leather Jacket, WWII Art work in its best.
Flight Suits
1940's sound library
EarthStation1: The WWII Sounds & Pictures Page - Wavs, Sounds & Pictures of the Second World War
German & Japanese
King & Country WWII British & Allied Militaria
World War Two Impressions, USA
B-25, Mitchell Bomber, "Heavenly Body".

Native American/tribal resoucres

Stroudsburg Fur and Leather ~ A division of Stroudsburg Fur Corp
Tribal Eye-contents
Main Menu: Native American Indian PlentyStuff

Repros- pre 19th cent

rockys originals
King's Arms Press and Bindery
Sullivan Press
Medieval Arms and Armour
Arms and Armour
Roman Trooper's Helmet

Repro and original sources- 19th century

Mordantman's Home Page
Frameset for Authentic Reenactor Discussion
Family Heirloom Weavers
New Civil War Items
"Virtual Museum" of the Civil War: Confederate Buttons
33rd Wisconsin Research & "How To" Articles
sutler supplies from C and C Sutlery Civil War sutlers USA Uniforms
Uncle Davey's Americana
Regimental Index
Historic Costuming BBS
Mounted Military Reenactment Groups and Preservation Societies
Clothing, Equipment, How To Advice Forum
Civil War Signal Corps
American Civil War Bugler
Southern Civil War Reenactors Market
Lee's Authentic Reenactor Board
The Federal Canteen
Columbus Depot Jackets
CJ Daley Historical Reproductions
Chattanooga Area Relic and Historical Association
Civil War Reenactors Mailing List and Newsletter
Civil War Sutler - Mercury Supply Company Sutler - Table Of Contents
Civil War Clothing Fabric for the Re-enactor.
Eagle's View Publishing
~ Fair Oaks Sutler ~
The Bully Boys
Civil War Uniforms
The Colonel's Cache
CW Reenactor Classifieds
Regimental Quartermaster - Sutler (Civil War Reproductions)

Reproduction equipment and uniforms-CW

Exhibits Resources

Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop: Builder of custom horse-drawn vehicles, buggies, carriages, wooden wheels, and much more!
ExhibitorNet Home Page
Metacrawler query: museum exhibit design
Form Mailer Usage
Bone Clones - Resin Replicas Animal Skulls
1903 Wright Flyer Simulation
Sound archive
THE HOLLYWOOD EDGE SOUND EFFECTS AND MUSIC LIBRARIES (800) 292-3755 ... The Hollywood Edge produces sound effects, production music and production elements, buyout music libraries, cd-roms, sampling CDs, drum loops, hip hop, techno, and music software for your professional audio needs.
Welcome to Space Suits Online
JSC Traveling Exhibits Program

Museum Lighting Designers - USA East
Hammel Green and Abrahamson, Inc.
The Silk House: Artificial Flowers & Plants
Excite Search Results: artificial trees
Floral Designs, wholesale distributor custom silk artificial plants, trees, florals in Miami, South Florida.
Everlite Industrial Ltd
Lone Star Models (TM)
Architectural Models, Inc.

Collectors Choice War Memorabilia
BattleZone Ltd. - World War II Page
BattleZone Ltd. Military Collectibles
U.S. Army Air Corps
Leather Aviation Bomber Jackets and Khakis from Home Page
Welcome to Garcia Aviation Co., US Cavalry's Online Shopping Catalog, military, camping, paintball, police gear and equipment
Sources for obtaining militaria
Air Force Patch Collectors' Homepage
Col. Bubbie's Strand Surplus Senter,army navy military surplus
Army Surplus Clothing
Bell's Aviation & Militaria
WAR SURPLUS : Genuine Leather Air Force A-2 Type Flight Jacket by AVIREX
American Association for State and Local History
Don Troiani - The Collection
What's New
AAANDS The Premier Auction Website
Better than Atlantis?
Introduction and Index to Files
Public Programs
Index to Tim Padfield's tutorial on museum climate
American Military Medical Impression, Inc.
GI Jane Military Surplus Store
WPAFB Search Results
ARTFL Project: Bibles
Labyrinth Latin Library
American Bible Society - Home
Biblia Sacra. Novum Testamentum
Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine
Acronym lookup
US Presidents Lists
WinBench home page
Precision mannekins
And That's The Way It Was - Builders Of Historic Dioramas.
The Virginia Civil War Home Page
LightSource: FamilyLife Today
Sterling C. Evans Libraries
Welcome to Houston Public Library!
NAIL Homepage
Software Libraries
Marspec International 1-800-274-7123: Closeout List of Discounted Military and Commercial Surplus.
Army Rations-Historical Background
Products - Camping/Outdoor - Tents
Phillip's War Zone Military Surplus Links Page
Fords Military Surplus, Survival and Emergency Preparedness Equipment, Army Goods, Military Tents, Tents
Calumet Industries, Inc. Travel Series to Walt Disney World
Cypress shingles and such
Eighteenth-Century E-Texts
Sources of information: museums and the Internet
Sewing Tips and Techniques for 17th Century Costume
Period Documents
Valentine Armouries Home Page
The Story of the Flying Tigers: About the Film
Sand Hill Flags
Category Search
Militaria - Military Marketplace
Full Metal Jacket Militaria Collectibles
Connecting to GameStorm
Special Sale Items
Lost Battalions Homepage
SOLDAT FHQ Museum Quality German World War II Military Replicas and Books at Your Fingertips
Olive-Drab Militaria
World War II Web Ring
Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine
Software Titles: C
Flags Unlimited On-Line Shopping
Flight Jackets, Horsehide Motorcycle Jackets, Vintage Western Wear, from LOST WORLDS Leather Wear
U.S. Navy - The Carriers - Rainbow Wardrobe
Welcome to The Online Bible Software Site!
ARTFL Project: King James Bible Search Form
Apollo Design Technology, Inc.
the worlds largest technical theatre link collection COSTUMES & MAKEUP
Moving Effects
Rosco Canada - Technotes
Untitled Document
Animation Effects Units
Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms - Lighting
Flags Unlimited, Inc. US state international sports historical military message flags
MHI Digital Library
Jack Hanna
The Type A-2 Flight Jacket Web Page Read Discussions
Keep 'em Flying: A World War II Retrospective
Colonel Bruce Porter's Web Page
Fandal's WWII Aviation Archive
Mitsubishi G4M
Flying Tigers: American Volunteer Group
Japan at War, 1931-1945
The Fighter Collection
Clubine & Company Mannequins
Flying Corps: Eddie Rickenbacker
Signed Books
Flying Tigers: American Volunteer Group
Welcome to Movies Unlimited
Conservation OnLine
Eagle Squadrons
Nose Art, Insignia, Patches, Pin art, For Authentic Flight Leather Jacket, WWII Art work in its best.
Flying Tigers Home Page
BattleZone - World War II Flying Tigers Page
US Air Operations
Collector's Book Page
Pilot Wings of the World
Landings: Aviation Museums / History
American Society of Military Insignia Collectors
Secessions "SOUTHERN TRADERS" page
Lost Battalions Homepage
P.O.W. Network
Untitled Normal page
POW Biographies
Jeep Willys WebRing
Bell's Aviation & Militaria
L-Head Engine JEEPS
Aviation Collectibles of Texas - Pilot Wings
United States
United States
British Army Regimental badges for sale: We have in stock most British Army Regimental badges for sale,we can supply any amount from 1 to 1,000. Some of the regiments that we stock: Guards,Paras,Green Jackets,Engineers,Signals,REME,Artillery,and loads more including the Royal Marines
World Militaria Dealers Webring
Lost Battalions' WW2 German Army Mountain Cap
WWII Allied Reenactor Webring
ArcExplorer -- ESRI's Free GIS Data Viewer
ESRI - Free Software, Data, and Resources
Air Corps WWII A-2 Jacket Art & AAF Insignia
Jeep Classic
Index - Hinterland Who's Who index
Air Aces Homepage
Bronze by Cooley
Surplus City Jeep Parts - Parts and accessories for military jeeps and trucks
Jeep Inventory
R.T. Smith
Box 1 Folders
Museum Management Home Page
Deaccessions: Museum Management Program, NPS
X-SAR Quicklook Slideshow
X-SAR Datatakes, Sorted by Geographical Coordinates
SSPR Archive
Donny's Conservation Manuals
Texas A&M University: Varsity Sports
Levi Jordan Plantation Home Page
Medal of Honor Citations
Product Information Page
Portfolio and Film
Texas A&M Sights and Sounds
Texas A&M
Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities
eBay Listings: Ancient World
Christian Answers Network: Answers, ministry tools, and more! (Gateway page)
Aviso Employment Resources Online
French Archaeology Documents
Auction Catalogs from The Catalog Kid - Antique and Collectible Catalogs: Christies, Sothebys, etc
Southwestern Bell Cotton Bowl
Texas A&M Athletics: Television Information
Software Showcase - Savings for Students, Teachers & Schools!! - Secure Order Form
Software Showcase Inc - Savings for Students, Teachers & Schools on Freehand 8
Biblical Archaeology Society - Biblical Archaeology Review
History Of Oil Candles
Army Navy Military Surplus from Marspec International : Wholesalers of European and American Government Surplus
AIRSHIP | Web Sites
Aggie Banners, Backgrounds, Icons, Pictures, Rings, & T-shirt Designs
Muster - School Songs
Aggie Band Audio Archive
TAMU Bonfire 1995 -Historic Archives
AltaVista Translations
Sparks Telegraph Key Review
Morse code sounds
Morse code alphabet with sounds
C.B. Schrock, Purveyor of Mach.....
How to Make a 126 Cartridge Pinhole Camera
Topographical Engineer Detachment
Houston / Gulf Coast Texas HMOs Ratings
eBay item 210046190 (Ends 12/05/99, 19:56:38 PST) - 1960 KYLE FIELD STADIUM in TEXAS
Disney Clipart
Disney Designs -- Screen Savers, Clipart, Wallpaper, Greeting Cards, Backgrounds, and much more!
DisneyClipart!! - The largest collection on Disney Clipart on the web
[ MetaCrawler Results: disney clipart ]
eBay item 207886963 (Ends 12/04/99, 14:55:12 PST) - AVG FLYING TIGERS CHINA AIR FORCE VISOR CAP!
Medieval Antiquities
ANTIQUITIES (antique, vintage, collectible) - Shop and Dealer Directory
[ MetaCrawler Results: antiquities ]
Uncleaned Ancient Coins
The Official Museum Directory - Products & Services
Conservation Research Laboratory - TAMU :
Archives - History--The 18th century Net Links
Fanny Hill, or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
On-Line Texts
Replica Eyewear
[ MetaCrawler Results: free mp3 ]
Free Stuff Center > Celtic
U.S. Navy History
Driveway / My files
Byzans-L: Re: Elevation of the Cross--September 14
GLIS Finder
The Texian Heritage Society, Inc.
Council of Virginia Archaeologists Useful Links
BidMaster 2000 Lite Portfolio
Dallas County TX abstracts
Fountain Hughes
Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress
WPA Life Histories from Texas
USDA-NASS, 1997 Census of Agriculture
Augusta County, VA, Researcher Profiles,
Theses and Dissertations
LDS Church Official Home Page
Barnes and Noble Coupons Page
mda Archaeological Objects Thesaurus - Contents
Virtual Texan | Texas History
History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day
Origins of Money and of Banking
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
FRB Search: Search the site :
Recognizing Counterfeit Money
Photos to GoŽ
Image Ideas Royalty free Photos
AAM: Publications
Colorado Photography
Computer Programs for Drawing Plat Maps
New England Museum Association | About NEMA
Welcome to the National Conference of State Museum Associations
State Museum Associations Profiles
Historic Preservation Organizations in Maryland
State Museum Associations Library: Reference Section
Conserve O Gram Listing (NPS)
Museum Handbook: Publications of the Museum Management (NPS)
Links to the Past: National Park Service Cultural Resources
A New Lease on Life: Museum Conservation in the NPS-Introduction
NSCC Collection Care
Northern States Conservation Center
Pathology - Table of Contents
The Handbook of Texas Online
Online Bookstore Price Compare or Search: enter ISBN and either compare prices at many online bookstores or retrieve that book from a specific bookstore.
Tears in the Sand
Discover People, Places and Objects at Links to the Past
Park Profiles
Roman Replicas & Re-enactment Equipment - By The Sword
Sun Air Parts
Past Perfect - 20s, 30s and 40s music Digitally Remastered
Vendors: R thru S
Sand Hill Black Powder Shop - l&r rifle works
FLINTLOCK FAQ--A Beginner's Guide
Der Dienst: Militaria,Military medals, badges, insignia 1775-1945. Replicas
Dave's Desktop Themes and Things
AggieTrivia - Win Prizes - Test Your Skill
Embroidery and Patch Companies
Black Wound Badge 1939
Participating Dealers
Jamie Cross Militaria
Index of /bonfire96/images
UnOfficial AggieBonfire Home Page
Journal of Conservation & Museum Studies
Roman Helms - By The Sword
<a name=roman.htm>The Lonely Mountain Forge</a>
Guy Clark's Ancient Coins and Antiquities- Artifacts
Specialist in Ancient Coins
Texas A&M Athletics: Downloadable Logo Archive
BidMaster Snipware
Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins Homepage
Middle Ages and Renaissance links
Shop Door
MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = english penny
British Silver Coinage: Introduction
Coin Pack Shop
Coin Prices, Daily Price Guide of US Coins - Coin Universe - Collectors Universe
Conservation OnLine
Conservation/Preservation Information for the General Public
Links to the Past: Learning Subjects
Conservation OnLine--News and Time-sensitive information
National Archeological Database: Reports Query Form
Preservation Briefs, National Park Service
Conserve O Gram Listing (NPS)
Tape Removal
Scouting History and Traditions
Texas Cellular Air Time Rates - RDI Ratesavers
Try our Search Engine
eGroups : Revlist Messages :20673-20702 of 20702
Mrs Eddins' Fine Sewing Emporium
100%-Worsted Wool Twill Tape from Wooded Hamlet Designs
Preserving Manuscripts and Documents - Autograph Collector, February 1997
Deaccessions: Museum Management Program, NPS
Heritage Studio: Antique Costume/Clothing
eBay item 379425901 (Ends Jul-17-00 18:17:57 PDT) - American Victorian Period Shoe Buckles
Bookstore Coupons: Save Money on Book; Find out about sales at Amazon, Barnes and Noble.
Lets Go Shopping
Freebie Coupon Mania - Save on Everything - Print Coupons Online
Deal Of Day
Books and Magazines: Discount coupon codes and deals
Shopping Agents: Books - Agents help you find the lowest price
Welcome to Gaylord's Archival Web
The Civil War Experience Web Site
Howard Family Home Page
eBay item 395083121 (Ends Aug-04-00 16:51:48 PDT) - Old Civil War Coat / Jacket Button
eBay item 395802992 (Ends Aug-05-00 15:34:45 PDT) - !-"U.S.S. HOUSTONIC"-I.D.ed "SAILORS CAP"-!
Cafe Odyssey, restaurant - Denver: CitySearch
Original N.C. Jacket

Media Radio Tuner

eBay item 405456153 (Ends Aug-16-00 15:24:15 PDT) - Vintage Park Ranger Hat-Beautiful
Civil War Sack Coats by John Wedeward Southern Civil War Reenactors Market
Civil War Belt Buckles by Hanover Brass Foundry
13th United States Infantry
Topographical Engineer Detachment
Castle Navigation Inc. Brass Instruments, and Nautical Reproductions
WebRing: Navigation
Port Columbus Civil War Naval Center
Welcome to Liquid Audio
Liquid Music Network
Hat Cords
HAPPY FRIENDS - Where Fun Comes First!
Maple Leaf Shipwreck
Video Archive
Video Archive
The Authentic Campaigner
Project Web -- Archive
Civil War, Navy and Antique Replica Cannons and Artillery
eGroups : Revlist Messages :22508-22537 of 22537
Civil War Artillery - Weaponry
BSL 2000 Catalog Viewer
Civil War Dealers
Walking Swan's
MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = afvn
eGroups : AFVN Messages :Message 5112 of 5175
Rowdy Pards Online Research Links
Items matching ( "park service" )
Items matching ( "park ranger" )
Historic tools
eBay Bidder List:
eBay Seller List:
eBay Bidder List:
Farmhouse Fabrics
Past Patterns: Order Form
Casting Director, wardrobe, props, reenactors, set dressing
19th century period clothing and military uniforms
19th Century
Foot Mountain Cobblery
boys clothing styles
CLPW Leather and Leathercraft Supplies - Memphis TN
Radio Del Ray - Main Page - Free Translation from English to Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Norwegian
Prints and Photographs Reading Room Home Page, Library of Congress
13th United States Infantry
Steamboat Arabia Museum
Welcome to Hendershott Museum Consultants - Get Flash Player

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